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Family Crap
Well, I just got ahold of my Mom's telephone number.... this is gonna be the first time in almost five years that I've spoken to her. So much shit (good, crazy, traumatic, BAD, and odd) has happened since then, I'm wondering where to begin. A lot of my relatives on her side of the family have a bunch of weird issues (I'm pretty sure she's at least *partially* nuts herself), but I like to think that I got away from the family early enough to avoid being crazy. Since we have such an awesome history of not talking much, I think it's finally time to ask her all the questions that I've had since I was a kid... like what really happened with her and my dad, why did she let my grandparents adopt me when I was 3 (I'm not even sure how old I was, really), how come ALL of us are so freakin' emotionally detatched and weird? Maybe I'll get to hear what my grandmother told everybody happend regarding why they pretty much disowned me in 2002.
Maybe I'll just leave all that shit alone, and just talk to her. The past is the past, my evil grandmother is dead, and had all that crap not happened, I probably wouldn't have turned out the way I did, which I realize more and more is a *good* thing. One thing that I didn't get from my family is their superhuman ability to hold grudges. I just can't stay mad at people.

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Maybe if you don't feel like dealing with drama then putting the past in the past and taking it as it is is the best thing to do. Less stressful maybe?

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