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Virgin excursion!!!!!
What to write... I used to be so damn good at this. How I miss getting paid to sit on my ass for hours on end finding new ways to amuse myself with the internet, while occasionly helping some dingus find his 12 page paper on the DADA movement. Bleh. Went record shopping like a madman last week.
Cool Finds:
Stereolab "Refried Ectoplasm", SWANS "Soundtracks for the Blind", Ben Weasel's new solo album (better than I expected), some album by The Criminals, Gang of Four "Peel Sessions", and so on and so on. THIS is why I work so much while rarely having any money to show for it! Christmas is almost here.... not having any (immediate) family less than 500 miles away renders the holiday completely useless to me. Time spent with girlfriend's folks will do ok, I suppose.

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Fuck that, I don't care what you're listening to. Tell us some awful fucked up stories like thee olden days of yore.

Good to see you on here, Jason - wait, Ben Weasel has a NEW solo album? Not "Fidatevi?"

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