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I almost quit my job today. No talks, no two weeks, nope... I almost threw a pint of milk at my boss and walked out. Christ she reminds me of my nutjob grandmother and a combo of assorted exes all rolled into one. The fact that she drives to work scares the shit out of me! I have to admit, I was a bit touched; the store manager came outside and begged and pleaded with me to not be so rash. On top of that, pretty much every person I come into contact with on a daily basis told me how much they wouldn't wanna see me go. I guess I'm not as terrible of a person as I thought. HEH.

Not job-related:
Saw a kickass show on Monday, although I think either the sound man momentarily lost his head in his ass or the PA at Riverwest Commons has some issues. The Monitors were ok (sounded like the Epoxies), the Lids were good (coulnd't hear a damn word the girl was singing), and I discovered that I like the Catholic Boys. Some guy pissed in the sink next to me as I was going in the urinal. Strange thing is... this happens to me a lot. Is this normal? I can remember at least four other times in the last year or so that I've been pissed next to, whether or not I agreed to it.

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fuckin' whorewood bitchez

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