I saw a dump truck run over some dude's basketball on Holton on my way home from work.

Someone is training for MY job right now.
I was right...

I am fucked.

I'm putting in my two weeks today. After FIVE years, my boss turned on me. Fuck small businesses... after years of experiencing the perks of not having to worry about rules and salary charts and union bullshit, now I'm wishing like Hell that we had one or all of the above. The timing on this is the best... I have never been so strapped financially, and now I have to start all over somewhere else, and hope the pay is at least sort of comparable. I should be freaking out about this a lot more, but everything else in my life right now is so good, it's hard to care *that* much. heh.

"I was always more into relationships than one-night stands, without particularly excelling at either. But when you meet somebody, no matter how many times you've fucked up in the past, you always think... yes. We're too full of hope to consider expectation."
-Irvine Welsh

Tha Crusha!
*This was originally a response to a crush-related poll... what the hell.

Crushes.... you get that stupid perma-grin every time they're around or whenever someone mentions their name. You find yourself thinking about them off and on all day (not constantly or anything.... you just keep finding your way back to them). If it's a really pathetic crush, any stupid mundane comment or conversation you have with them takes on epic meaning, and just remembering that is enough to send waves of warmth and happiness through you. The only problem with crushes, at least in my experience, is that as much as you wanna get to know the person, or the more you do, you know that either A. you will eventually finally see through the haze and be really disappointed, B. they'll realize what a chotch you really are, or C. things will be really awesome for awhile (little or long, doesn't matter) but when the whole thing finally burns out and the coals stop smoldering, you finally realise that nothing (no matter if the friendship is still there) will feel as good as those early days of crush-dom, and you can NEVER go back. So be careful with crushes, kids!

Haven's Slurvay
Favorite album to exercise to: Bad Brains "Rock for Light"
Favorite album to walk to: Stereolab "Mars Audiac Quintet"
Favorite album to get drunk to: Stooges "Funhouse"
Favorite album to get high to: Beck "One Foot in the Grave"
Favorite album to make love to: Pixies "Doolittle"
Favorite album to touch yourself to: Genitorturers "Jackin' Man"
Favorite album to drive to: The Fever "Red Bedroom"
Favorite album to be depressed to: The Cure "Faith"
Favorite album to get ready to go out: Pagans "Pink Album"
Favorite album to entertain guests to: The Cramps "Psychedelic Jungle"
Favorite album to work to: Pharcyde "Bizarreride to tha Pharcyde"
Favorite album to fall asleep to: Breeders "Title TK"
Favorite album to wake up to: NOFX "The Decline"
Favorite album to bathe to: Sonic Youth "Goo"
Favorite album to read to: In the Nursery "Composite"
Favorite album to clean to: Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable Material"
Favorite album to cook to: Slackers "Red Light"
Favorite album to be angry to: Black Flag "Nervous Breakdown"

Nine hours to go...
MC Chris tonight... life is sweet!

So yesterday, during the storm, my roommate and I were helping out the old lady next door. Her garage is this crazy, half-assed, ramshackle thing that her son built some years back, and it was filled to the gills with all kinds of weird shit. I was half expecting to find a bunch of dead kids or a bloody axe somewhere in one of the boxes. Anyway, we had to move all this crap to the curb for pickup. In addition to the bicycles, old couches, blankets, suitcases full of old fabric (which I saved for you Craft Night people), and other junk we stumbled across at least 15 old returnable beer boxes FILLED with obscure old vintage porn. I have never seen so much in one place that wasn't an old book store. I guess we're gonna try and eBay off some of it.

Anyone interested?

New IMAC!!!!!
It's been so long that I'm actually suprised that I remembered my password. Within the next few weeks or so, I will be purchasing one of those cool new Imacs. The bartender at the "new" Comet let me fuck around on theirs for a few minutes.

For anyone that sorta knows me, I just did something that should have happened awhile ago. Moved back to the East Side, and ended what seemed to be a perfect relationship. Bayview was nice and everything, but I'm under 40 and have no interest in buying a house right now. Plus... all the people and places that I care about are right here. As far as the relationship went... after all these years I think I finally realized that I'm just not wired for long term, super serious, committed relationships. What's even better, is that for the first time in my life, I am A-OK with that. I've been a moody, mopey bastard for the better part of the last 5 or 6 years or so because I tried to convince myself that I needed a girlfriend all the time to make me happy. Every piece of advice that people have ever given me FINALLY sank in.


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