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Movin' on uuup!
Whoo hoo!
Sunday we get to change zip codes! No more tire slashing drug dealer feud drama! We actually found something cheaper and ten times nicer (the basement is *not* haunted... I checked). I lived in Bayview 4 or 5 years ago, and didn't like it so much. Now, I can't wait! The best part is, I will be 2 blocks away from one of my best friends. As if this was not enough, after we finish moving, the Night Marchers are playing Garibaldi later that night.

Papa Cleado.
My Dad will officially be in Milwaukee at 2:59 this afternoon! We see each other about once a year if we're lucky, so when we do we make it count. At least this year we kind of got it close to my birthday (only missed it by a day or two). My band set up an impromptu band practice this evening so he can hear us play, and later we will probably hit up Foundation and/or Uptowner for the full Riverwest experience.

Tomi is trying to get a bowling outing together for Saturday, if anyone is interested.

I want to cry.
We found a nice place in Bayview for the same amount per month as our place now.... and now it's gone. It was only yesterday that we looked at it and filled out an application, but apparently we needed to decide this afternoon and I missed the call. Fuck. If I have to spend another summer in this rickety ass, busted ass, haunted ass house I'll kill myself.
Also, the neighbors slash tires, and I'm pretty sure I almost got jumped while letting my dog out just now.

You can take me out of the ghetto, but the ghetto will follow me home.
So a few weeks ago I was getting something out of my car when, out of nowhere, this guy a few houses down starts yelling at me for parking in front of his house. The house that he and a bunch of people recently moved into is one of the few on the block with no driveway. We ended up yelling at each other across the street for a few minutes then he left. Did I mention that he had stepped out of a car full of his buddies to bug me with this shit? Cut to yesterday when the guy upstairs told me that since these people have moved in, there have been a lot of tire slashings. Yup... if you park from in front of my house to the east end of the block, you run the risk of getting slashed and if you are really lucky, your stereo might get stolen as well. The people next door had FOUR of their tires slashed in the last week!
We need to move.

I'm nursin' a mean hate-on.
I've been putting it off and putting off, but....
I hate my slumlord prick landlord and the 25 year old jackass nutsack fuck & company upstairs neighbors SO MUCH that I have decided 2009 is the year that I buy a place. How this is going to happen I have no idea, but it *will* happen.
Any advice?

feline phenomenon
There has to be some unknown gland in house cats that enables them to zero in on an active Scrabble board from the other side of the house.... and demolish it.

Family Crap
Well, I just got ahold of my Mom's telephone number.... this is gonna be the first time in almost five years that I've spoken to her. So much shit (good, crazy, traumatic, BAD, and odd) has happened since then, I'm wondering where to begin. A lot of my relatives on her side of the family have a bunch of weird issues (I'm pretty sure she's at least *partially* nuts herself), but I like to think that I got away from the family early enough to avoid being crazy. Since we have such an awesome history of not talking much, I think it's finally time to ask her all the questions that I've had since I was a kid... like what really happened with her and my dad, why did she let my grandparents adopt me when I was 3 (I'm not even sure how old I was, really), how come ALL of us are so freakin' emotionally detatched and weird? Maybe I'll get to hear what my grandmother told everybody happend regarding why they pretty much disowned me in 2002.
Maybe I'll just leave all that shit alone, and just talk to her. The past is the past, my evil grandmother is dead, and had all that crap not happened, I probably wouldn't have turned out the way I did, which I realize more and more is a *good* thing. One thing that I didn't get from my family is their superhuman ability to hold grudges. I just can't stay mad at people.

He wants me back.......
I spent SO much time getting away from my old job, and now here I am working there again a few nights a week. All of a sudden, the owner is throwing money and promises at me in order to get me to quit my current job (which I love) and come back full time. Unless some miracle happens, I would have to stay where I'm at for over two years to get what he's offering me. However, I've learned from experience (the reason I left in the first place) that anything can happen and *nothing* is 100%. Another thing to consider is, if I were to switch I would be doing something that I've been itching to get back to... being a meat cutter. It's not the most glamorous of jobs but it's fun, and it pays VERY well. I really don't know what to do, and they want an answer by Saturday. Do I sell out and squash my financial problems, or do I stick it out at the Post and hope for the best?

What the Hell...
I've accepted the fact that every time I step outside of my apartment, I'm more than likely to get hit up for money for "bus fare" and such. Yeah, walking around Riverwest after a certain point at night does include some risk. All of this I take with a grain of salt.... it' s VERY cheap to live where I do, and for the time being that makes it worth it. Here's my complaint... bums/crackheads/crazies have now taken to KNOCKING ON MY DOOR and if that's not bad enough, last night after dark Tomi and I were pulling into our driveway and some guy just appeared out of nowhere and waited right outside the car. Here's the best part; during his "help me buy a gallon of gas for 75 cent" speech, apparently I offended him by being so defensive. He then offered to to yardwork for the money (We have no yard, and I had no money). I finally sent him into the Pub. Not fifteen minutes later, we're walking Rudy and the same guy comes out of the pub with an empty bottle and hassels us again... completely forgetting we had just turned him down (his story was completely different).
What the hell?!?

Oscar needs help!
I have a cat that needs an animal-free home. His name is Oscar, and he is a purebred Persian, a little over a year old. Everything about him is perfect except for one thing... he pees on stuff. We're pretty sure that it's not medical, but behaviorial (I had a similar problem with my last cat, Dez, who didn't like my then-girlfriend's and roommate's cats). He's neutered, declawed, and totally friendly and loveable, and I would really really rather not have to give him to a shelter. If *anyone* is interested, or knows someone who is PLEASE let me know.