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So yesterday, during the storm, my roommate and I were helping out the old lady next door. Her garage is this crazy, half-assed, ramshackle thing that her son built some years back, and it was filled to the gills with all kinds of weird shit. I was half expecting to find a bunch of dead kids or a bloody axe somewhere in one of the boxes. Anyway, we had to move all this crap to the curb for pickup. In addition to the bicycles, old couches, blankets, suitcases full of old fabric (which I saved for you Craft Night people), and other junk we stumbled across at least 15 old returnable beer boxes FILLED with obscure old vintage porn. I have never seen so much in one place that wasn't an old book store. I guess we're gonna try and eBay off some of it.

Anyone interested?

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yah know i love vintage pr0n.

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