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Tha Crusha!
*This was originally a response to a crush-related poll... what the hell.

Crushes.... you get that stupid perma-grin every time they're around or whenever someone mentions their name. You find yourself thinking about them off and on all day (not constantly or anything.... you just keep finding your way back to them). If it's a really pathetic crush, any stupid mundane comment or conversation you have with them takes on epic meaning, and just remembering that is enough to send waves of warmth and happiness through you. The only problem with crushes, at least in my experience, is that as much as you wanna get to know the person, or the more you do, you know that either A. you will eventually finally see through the haze and be really disappointed, B. they'll realize what a chotch you really are, or C. things will be really awesome for awhile (little or long, doesn't matter) but when the whole thing finally burns out and the coals stop smoldering, you finally realise that nothing (no matter if the friendship is still there) will feel as good as those early days of crush-dom, and you can NEVER go back. So be careful with crushes, kids!


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