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What the Hell...
I've accepted the fact that every time I step outside of my apartment, I'm more than likely to get hit up for money for "bus fare" and such. Yeah, walking around Riverwest after a certain point at night does include some risk. All of this I take with a grain of salt.... it' s VERY cheap to live where I do, and for the time being that makes it worth it. Here's my complaint... bums/crackheads/crazies have now taken to KNOCKING ON MY DOOR and if that's not bad enough, last night after dark Tomi and I were pulling into our driveway and some guy just appeared out of nowhere and waited right outside the car. Here's the best part; during his "help me buy a gallon of gas for 75 cent" speech, apparently I offended him by being so defensive. He then offered to to yardwork for the money (We have no yard, and I had no money). I finally sent him into the Pub. Not fifteen minutes later, we're walking Rudy and the same guy comes out of the pub with an empty bottle and hassels us again... completely forgetting we had just turned him down (his story was completely different).
What the hell?!?

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ah ha ha. this is fucking hilarious. i got panhandled outside my door last night too. i was so pissed. can't a woman even walk down the goddamned street without gettin' hassled?!

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