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You can take me out of the ghetto, but the ghetto will follow me home.
So a few weeks ago I was getting something out of my car when, out of nowhere, this guy a few houses down starts yelling at me for parking in front of his house. The house that he and a bunch of people recently moved into is one of the few on the block with no driveway. We ended up yelling at each other across the street for a few minutes then he left. Did I mention that he had stepped out of a car full of his buddies to bug me with this shit? Cut to yesterday when the guy upstairs told me that since these people have moved in, there have been a lot of tire slashings. Yup... if you park from in front of my house to the east end of the block, you run the risk of getting slashed and if you are really lucky, your stereo might get stolen as well. The people next door had FOUR of their tires slashed in the last week!
We need to move.