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Please Kill Me...
This is serious: I NEED a new job!!!!! Aside from a few coffee shops around town where I *might* have an in, I have no other leads as of yet. Please Help!

Aside from me being utterly disgusted with my workplace... life is alright. New Year's Eve involved me getting totally trashed (big suprise, I know) and puking in the urinal at Home Bar not once, not twice, but three times at 11:30AM. Too bad I missed the show at the Twitch House, but I can still see the Modern Machines at Noah's wedding later this month.

Tonight, I'm gonna see if I still know how to play bass... there's this weird collaboration/improv thing going on after work that I have been asked to participate in. Last time came out sounding really good.

This entry sucks... I'm gonna buy a computer so I don't have to sneak into the office at work to update.


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noah's wedding's gonna be sweet. it's the day i get back. according to the modern machines, they might not be playing any more though. they're pussies.

You spent new years at Home??

finally found your journal jason, glad i did, hope work starts looking up (hopefully there is still some relief found in the humor of Stoli's day-in-day-out stupidity) liverpool is wet and lonely but so it goes,
take care kid, thats the way the potato mashes -J

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